Monday, November 14, 2011

Leaf Carving Pictures 葉雕刻圖片

             Amazing new art in China .......
"Its hard not to love the brilliant display of colorful foliage that signals the entrance of autumn each year, but as the cold winter winds prevail, those leaves that once beautified the landscape are left to collect on the ground or be begrudging raked-up in some weekend chore. A new art form emerging out of China , however, is making use of these brittle leaves "creating delicate forms that will continue to be appreciated long after the jackets and sweaters of winter are hung in closets and the green buds of a new season sprout.  Leaf carving art is one of the newest art forms in recent years. Its inspiration comes from the beauty of nature.  Creating these leaf carvings is no easy process, taking the delicate precision from a skilled artisan. With a knife, the leaf is slowly scraped of its outer layers, eventually revealing a near transparent surface. Special care is given to keep the veins intact to preserve the stability of the leaf."
轉貼自: Special thanks to Lucy's email

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