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神曲忐忑大陸爆紅 網友模仿出奇招

神曲忐忑大陸爆紅 網友模仿出奇招

龔琳娜 - 忐忑

七歲女孩潘玥琳 在中國達人秀上唱忐忑

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Oprah Winfrey sails around Sydney Harbour

Oprah Winfrey sails around Sydney Harbour with Master and Commander Capt. Jack Aubrey

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Oprah and Katherine Jackson Interview

Oprah and Katherine Jackson Interview
part 1 of 3

Oprah and Katherine Jackson Interview
part 2 of 3

Oprah and Katherine Jackson Interview
part 3 of 3

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Sound of Music Cast Reunites on Oprah Show

Sound of Music Cast Reunites on Oprah Show

Sound of Music - 40th Reunion in 2005

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Jackie Evancho on Oprah Show

Jackie Evancho on Oprah Show

Behind the Scenes with Jackie Evancho After Oprah

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Chile miners rescued 智利礦工出生天礦難被困 69日

Chile miners rescued after being trapped for 69 days
智利礦工出生天礦難被困 69日「鳳凰」載回地面

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Dog Dancing on Letterman Show

Dog Dancing on Letterman Show
Dancing Merengue Dog, Carrie, with Jose Fuentes

Dancing Dog Doing The Merengue. Smartest dog ever!

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Bell City Officials Arrested

City of Bell Officials Arrested September 21, 2010

Robert Rizzo cartoon created by ~sw2938

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真人版【功夫滑仔】之 港版三輪哥

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Dumped in a plane toilet bin: The newborn boy

Dumped in a plane toilet bin: The newborn boy rescued from Gulf Air jet by cleaners
By Richard Shears
Last updated at 6:20 PM on 12th September 2010

Airport cleaners tidying up an aircraft that had landed in Manila were shocked to find a new-born baby boy in a toilet's rubbish bin today.

A search has now begun for the mother, who investigators are convinced gave birth in the toilet as the Gulf Air jet flew to the Philippines from Saudi Arabia.

'She appears to have left the aircraft as soon as possible after the plane landed,' said a police officer.

The clean-up team which boarded the plane found the baby as a new flight crew were making plans to fly the plane back to Bahrain.

Doctors at the international airport rushed to the plane and began checking the new-born baby and decided that he was in good health.

Airport photographs saw the baby, wrapped in a towel while doctors warmed in him up under a light bulb.

Officials at the airport said they had named the child George Francis - based on Gulf Air's airline code, GF - as efforts began to find the mother.

'As soon as Gulf Air Flight 154 landed she hurried from the aircraft and left the terminal building,' said an official.

'We haven't been able to determine the nationality of the child at this stage - whether her mother or parents are from Saudi Arabia or the Philippines.'

Authorities said they were baffled as to how the woman had managed to conceal the in-flight birth from other passengers and return to her seat without drawing attention to herself.

Officials said they were also surprised that no-one else who had used the toilet noticed anything unusual.

'The good news is that the baby is healthy and weighs around 6lb 6oz,' said Dr Maria Teresa Agores, who was on duty in Terminal 1 when the baby was brought to her.

Airline staff contributed to buy clothes and other essentials for the baby boy.

In July this year an Indian woman who gave birth to a baby in a plane's toilet tried to flush it down the toilet bowl.

The child was rushed to hospital in a critical condition.

Source: Mail Online World News

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Indian woman delivers, abandons baby in plane toilet

July 08, 2010|By Harmeet Shah Singh, CNN

An unmarried Indian woman delivered a baby in the toilet of an international flight and abandoned the infant in the plane's washroom, police and doctors said Thursday.

Cabin crew of the Turkmenistan Airlines rushed the newborn to a hospital as the plane arrived in the northern Indian city of Amritsar on Wednesday, said Varinder Kumar, city police commissioner.

H.P. Singh, a doctor at Amritsar's Fortis Escorts hospital, said the baby's condition was critical. The infant might take at least two to three days to recover, he added.The mother admitted to the same hospital was, however, stable, he said.

"She was unmarried. It looks like she wanted to get rid of the baby," Singh said.

Police confirmed she was single and plan to question her once she was declared medically fit.

Abandoning newborns is an offense punishable up to seven years in jail, Kumar said.

"We will see what action can be taken (against her) after the interrogation," he said.

The mother, believed to be age 25, belongs to Punjab's Hoshiarpur district, according to police. Her flight had originated from Ashgabat in Turkmenistan, Kumar said.

In largely-conservative India, pre-marital sex remains a taboo.

Last year, India's federal woman rights watchdog ordered an investigation into reports young would-be-brides were subject to "virginity tests" for a mass wedding.

The alleged tests in June last year happened in Madhya Pradesh state controlled by conservative Hindu nationalists who are members of the opposition Bharatiya Janata Party.

But a district magistrate said they were simply "clinical examinations" initiated after one of the brides gave birth at a previous similar event.

Earlier this year, India's top court ruled live-in relationships between adult couples are not a crime.

The supreme court also quashed more than 20 cases against a south Indian actress for her comments on pre-marital sex in 2005, which had sparked angry protests.

Actress Khushboo, who uses one name, said her remarks aimed to highlight precautions that partners should take in order to prevent AIDS.

More than half of India's billion-plus population is below age 25, officials say.

With rapid modernization and a growing economy, the country's young work force has grown over the past few years.

But marriages remain a venerated custom in India.

Source: CNN World

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iPod Touch 變 iPhone傑作  9月上市蘋果皮未賣先被抄

iPod TouchiPhone傑作  9月上市蘋果皮未賣先被抄

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劉偉 Armless Chinese Man Playing Piano With Toes

play piano with feet on talent show 中國達人秀
劉偉 Liu Wei, a 23 years old armless young man from Beijing plays "Marriage D'Amour" (by Richard Clayderman) with his feet.

劉偉 Armless Chinese Man Wows Audiences By Playing Piano With Toes

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JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater flips out 空中少爺鬧爆惡乘客

JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater flips out, grabs beer, quits job & gets arrested

空中少爺鬧爆惡乘客 跳機劈炮

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Jackie Evancho on America's Got Talent

AGT YouTube Audition - Jackie Evancho

Jackie Evancho on America's Got Talent YouTube Audition

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Hong Kong MTR incidence 港鐵醉酒佬挑釁洋漢

Hong Kong MTR incidence - a Chinese guy provoked a foreigner

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William Li: Can We Eat to Starve Cancer? 李威廉:我們能通過吃來餓死癌症嗎?

William Li: Can We Eat to Starve Cancer?


Can We Eat to Starve Cancer? 是一場非常重要的英語醫學演講,片長二十分鐘,有中文字幕翻譯(可選擇繁體或簡體中文),希望您一定要看完它。請各位朋友一定要看完此演講,並祝福大家身體健康!

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China has been experiencing the worst of floods in decades.

China has been experiencing the worst of floods in decades.

Flooding in China kills hundreds

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大陸新移民導遊 搞衰香港旅遊業

大陸新移民導遊 搞衰香港旅遊業 1

大陸新移民導遊 搞衰香港旅遊業 2


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18 Magical uses of orange peels

1. Prevent travel sickness: One hour before getting in the car, pinch a fresh orange peel targeting the nose and inhale the oil mist from the peel. After getting in the car, keep inhaling the orange peel’s oil to prevent motion sickness.

2. Treat frostbite: Scorch some orange peel and grind it into powder. Mix it with vegetable oil and wipe the affected area.

3. Treat chronic bronchitis: Put 5 to 15g of orange peel into a cup; add boiling water to make an "orange peel tea". Drink it as often as you can.

4. Treat cough: Put 5g of dried orange peel into 2 cups of water and boil them together for 10 to 15 minutes then add some ginger and brown sugar. Drink it when it is still very warm.

5. Treat constipation: Boiled 12g of fresh or 6g of dry orange peel with water for 10 to 15 minutes. Drink it a couple times per day to treat constipation.

6. Hangover cure: Boil 30g of fresh orange peel with water for 15 to 20 minutes, add some salt and drink it.

7. Treat molar: Put a small piece of fresh orange peel into your mouth 10 minutes before bedtime. Keep the peel in your mouth until it becomes uncomfortable.

8. Prevent and treat sensitive teeth: Are your teeth sensitive after eating an orange? Put the peel into a cup and add some boiling water, cover it for 5-10 minutes then drink it.

9. Treat mastitis: Boil 30g of fresh orange peel and 6g of licorice with water. Drink it a couple times per day.

10. Kill bad breath: Chewing a small piece of fresh orange peel can stop bad breath.

11. Relieve the allergy symptoms after eating fish or crab: Boil some fresh orange peel with water and drink it.

12. Stop vomiting and cure an upset stomach: Boil some peel and fresh ginger with water and drink it.

13. Treat chest congestion: Add boiling water into a cup with a fresh peel, cover for 10 minutes, and add some sugar before you drink it. It can relieve chest congestion and a sore throat.

14. Treat indigestion: Soak 50g of peel in white wine for about 20 days. This is good for indigestion, nausea and vomiting. If you eat too much greasy food and feel ill as a result, try it!

15. Clearing phlegm from the lungs: Immerse a peel into white wine for at least 20 days and drink it. The longer it soaks, the better.

16. Treat a cold: Boil some orange peel and fresh ginger in water for about 15 to 20 minutes, add some brown sugar, and drink it as a tea. This can treat a cold, flu, vomiting, and cough.

17. Poor appetite: Chop a fresh peel and let it dry in the sun. Mix the peel with tea leaves. When you have a poor appetite, add boiling water into the mix to make an 'orange peel tea'. It can refresh your appetite.

18. Treat pancreatitis: Boil 30g of orange peel and 10g of licorice with water.

轉貼自Source: 看中國 KanZhongGuo